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Game of thrones ascent guide fealty def

Join the world of Westeros and experience the deadly Game of Thrones Ascent. This popular game is a strategy RPG that allows you to build your own house and interact with iconic characters from the hit television series. One of the key aspects of the game is forming alliances, known as fealties, with other players. In this guide, we will explore expert strategies for fealty defense in Game of Thrones Ascent.

Fealty defense plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and success of your house. By forming a strong fealty and defending it against rival houses, you can protect your resources, gain valuable rewards, and rise in the ranks. To excel in fealty defense, it is important to understand the mechanics of the game and implement effective strategies.

First and foremost, communication is vital in a successful fealty defense. Work closely with your fealty members to coordinate attacks and defenses against rival houses. Use in-game messaging or external communication platforms to stay connected and plan your moves. By sharing information and collaborating with your fealty members, you can optimize your defenses and maximize efficiency.

Additionally, strategic resource management is essential in fealty defense. Allocate your resources wisely to ensure a well-rounded defense. Upgrade your defensive buildings, such as the Keep and the Barracks, to increase their defensive capabilities. Invest in training troops to strengthen your forces and deter attackers. By managing your resources effectively, you can create a formidable defense that will discourage rival houses from launching attacks.

Game of Thrones Ascent Guide

Game of Thrones Ascent is a strategy game based on the popular TV show and book series. In the game, players take on the role of a noble house in Westeros, striving to gain power and influence. This guide will provide you with expert strategies to help you succeed in the game.

Choose your Fealty

Choose your Fealty

One of the first decisions you will need to make in Game of Thrones Ascent is choosing which fealty to align with. Each fealty offers different benefits and disadvantages, so it’s important to consider your play style and objectives. Here are the four fealties available:

  • Stark: The Stark fealty focuses on military strength and has bonuses to battle actions and defenses.
  • Lannister: The Lannister fealty is centered around economic power and offers bonuses to resource production and wealth.
  • Baratheon: The Baratheon fealty emphasizes influence and politics, granting bonuses to quests and alliance actions.
  • Targaryen: The Targaryen fealty is focused on dragons and offers bonuses to dragon-themed actions like hatching and training.

Manage your Resources

In Game of Thrones Ascent, resources play a vital role in your success. You will need resources like silver, iron, and wood to construct buildings, train units, and complete quests. It’s important to prioritize resource gathering and production to ensure you always have enough to meet your needs. Consider upgrading your resource buildings and completing resource-focused quests to maximize your resource income.

Join an Alliance

Joining an alliance is a great way to enhance your gameplay experience in Game of Thrones Ascent. Being part of an alliance provides benefits such as protection, assistance in completing quests, and access to alliance-specific actions. Look for an active and well-established alliance with members who share your goals and objectives. Communication and coordination with your alliance members are key to maximizing the benefits of being part of an alliance.

Complete Quests and Challenges

Quests and challenges are an important part of Game of Thrones Ascent. Completing quests will reward you with valuable resources, experience points, and in-game currency. Challenges offer additional opportunities for rewards and can be found in the game’s challenge menu. Plan your actions carefully to optimize your quest and challenge completion, as they provide significant benefits for your house’s progression.

Make Strategic Alliances

In Game of Thrones Ascent, forming alliances with other players can significantly benefit your house. Strategic alliances can help you in battles, resource sharing, and providing support for your actions. Look for players who are active, experienced, and share similar play styles to forge powerful alliances. It’s important to maintain strong relationships with your allies, as they can make a difference in your success in the game.

Invest in Building Upgrades

Upgrading your buildings is essential for the long-term success of your house in Game of Thrones Ascent. Higher-level buildings offer better bonuses and benefits, allowing you to excel in different aspects of the game. Prioritize building upgrades based on your play style and objectives. Increase the level of resource production buildings for economic benefits, upgrade military buildings to strengthen your army, and enhance political buildings for influence-related actions.


By following these expert strategies, you will be well-equipped to thrive in Game of Thrones Ascent. Remember to choose your fealty wisely, manage your resources effectively, join an alliance, complete quests and challenges, make strategic alliances, and invest in building upgrades. With careful planning and execution, you can build a powerful and influential noble house in the world of Westeros.

Expert Strategies for Fealty Def in Game of Thrones Ascent

Fealty Defense is an essential aspect of playing Game of Thrones Ascent, as it allows players to protect their holdings from attacks and maintain their power and influence. Here are some expert strategies to help you excel in Fealty Defense:

1. Build a Strong Defense

1. Build a Strong Defense

One of the key strategies in Fealty Defense is building a strong defense for your holdings. This involves upgrading your defenses, such as walls, towers, and barracks, to increase their strength and effectiveness. It is also important to strategically position your defensive buildings to maximize their coverage and defense capabilities.

2. Train a Powerful Army

Having a powerful army is crucial for successfully defending your holdings in Game of Thrones Ascent. Train a diverse range of troops with different strengths and weaknesses to counter a variety of enemy units. Regularly upgrade your troops and equip them with the best available weapons and armor to increase their combat effectiveness.

3. Research Defensive Technologies

Investing in defensive technologies is an excellent way to improve your Fealty Defense. Research technologies that enhance your defensive capabilities, such as advancements in siege defense or archery. These technologies will provide you with different bonuses and advantages when defending against enemy attacks.

4. Forge Alliances

Forming alliances with other players is a smart strategy in Fealty Defense. Joining a strong alliance can provide you with additional support and assistance in defending your holdings. Coordinate with your alliance members to plan coordinated defenses, share resources, and strategize together to overcome common enemies.

5. Scout and Gather Intelligence

Before engaging in a battle or defending against an attack, it is important to gather as much intelligence as possible about your enemy. Use the scouting feature in the game to gain insights into their troop strength, defenses, and resource stockpiles. This information will help you plan your defense better and identify any weaknesses that can be exploited.

6. Monitor and Upgrade

Monitoring your Fealty Defense is crucial for maintaining a strong defense. Regularly check for any weak points or vulnerabilities in your defenses and prioritize upgrading those areas. Keep an eye on the activities of rival players and be prepared to adjust your defense strategy accordingly.

7. Learn from Defeats

Defeats are a part of the game, and they can offer valuable lessons for improving your Fealty Defense. After a defeat, analyze the battle reports and identify the weak points in your defense. Adjust your strategy, upgrade your defenses, and learn from your mistakes to ensure better future defense.

By implementing these expert strategies, you can significantly improve your Fealty Defense in Game of Thrones Ascent and increase your chances of successfully defending your holdings against enemy attacks.

Understanding Fealty Defense in Game of Thrones Ascent

Fealty Defense is an important aspect of the gameplay in Game of Thrones Ascent. It involves defending your fealty from attacks by other players and preventing them from stealing your resources and damaging your holdings. In this guide, we will take a closer look at Fealty Defense and provide expert strategies to strengthen your defense.

What is Fealty Defense?

Fealty Defense refers to the measures you take to protect your fealty from attacks by other players. When a player attacks your fealty, they can steal resources, damage your holdings, and weaken your position in the game. It is crucial to have a strong Fealty Defense to deter attacks and protect your assets.

Factors Affecting Fealty Defense

Several factors influence the strength of your Fealty Defense:

  • Holdings Level: The higher the level of your holdings, the stronger your Fealty Defense.
  • Defense Rating: Increasing your Defense Rating improves your Fealty Defense.
  • Alliance Size: Being a part of a larger alliance provides additional defense bonuses.
  • Building Upgrades: Upgrading your buildings increases your Fealty Defense.
  • Research: Certain research options can enhance your Fealty Defense.

Expert Strategies for Fealty Defense

Implementing the following strategies will strengthen your Fealty Defense:

  1. Upgrade Holdings: Focus on upgrading your holdings to increase your Fealty Defense. Prioritize the buildings that provide defense bonuses.
  2. Invest in Defense Rating: Spend resources on improving your Defense Rating. This will make it harder for other players to successfully attack your fealty.
  3. Build a Strong Alliance: Join a large alliance with experienced players. This will provide you with additional defense bonuses and support in times of attacks.
  4. Research Fealty Defense: Research options that enhance your Fealty Defense in the Maester’s Tower. Plan your research tree strategically to maximize the benefits.
  5. Set Defensive Retaliation: Choose the Defensive Retaliation setting to automatically retaliate against attacks. This will catch attackers off guard and discourage further attacks.
  6. Gather Intelligence: Keep an eye on potential attackers. Monitor their actions and locations to anticipate and prepare for possible attacks.


Fealty Defense is crucial for protecting your resources, holdings, and position in Game of Thrones Ascent. By understanding the factors that affect Fealty Defense and implementing the expert strategies outlined in this guide, you can strengthen your defense and deter attacks from other players. Remember to regularly assess and upgrade your fealty defense to stay ahead in the game.

What You Need to Know

In Game of Thrones Ascent, Fealty Defense is an important aspect of gameplay. Your Fealty Defense determines your ability to defend your holdings against attacks from other players. Here are some key things you need to know about Fealty Defense:


In the game, players can choose to align with one of the iconic houses from the Game of Thrones universe. This is known as your Fealty. Each Fealty has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, and aligning yourself with a specific Fealty can greatly impact your Fealty Defense.

Fealty Defense Points

Your Fealty Defense Points (FDP) determine the strength of your defenses. The more FDP you have, the harder it will be for other players to successfully attack and pillage your holdings. FDP can be increased through various means, such as upgrading your buildings, equipping strong units, and investing in defensive technologies.

Holdings and Buildings

Holdings are the areas that you control within the game, such as your lands, castles, and strongholds. These holdings can be attacked by other players, so it’s important to fortify them with various buildings. Buildings can provide additional FDP, as well as other bonuses like increased resource production or unit recruitment speed. Upgrade your buildings regularly to increase their defensive capabilities.

Defensive Units

In order to defend your holdings, you’ll need to recruit and train defensive units. These units are stationed at your holdings and will help repel attacks from other players. Each Fealty has its own unique defensive units, so choose wisely depending on your preferred playstyle. Upgrade your units to increase their combat abilities and make them more effective in battle.

Alliances and Help

Forming alliances with other players can greatly enhance your Fealty Defense. Allies can send reinforcements to help defend your holdings, making it harder for attackers to breach your defenses. Additionally, allies can provide valuable tips and strategies for improving your Fealty Defense. Be an active member of your alliance and help your allies when they are in need.


There are various strategies you can employ to improve your Fealty Defense. Some key strategies include:

  • Investing in defensive technologies to unlock powerful defensive bonuses.
  • Building a diverse army with different types of units to counter different attack strategies.
  • Upgrading your buildings and units regularly to keep up with the increasing strength of other players.
  • Forming alliances and coordinating defensive strategies with your allies.
  • Actively participating in events and quests to earn rewards that can boost your Fealty Defense.

By implementing these strategies and constantly working on improving your Fealty Defense, you can become a formidable force in the game and defend your holdings against any challenger.

Tips and Tricks for Fealty Def in Game of Thrones Ascent

Tips and Tricks for Fealty Def in Game of Thrones Ascent

Fealty Defense is a crucial aspect of Game of Thrones Ascent, as it allows players to protect their holdings and resources from enemy attacks. Here are some tips and tricks to help you maximize your Fealty Defense strategy:

1. Choose the Right Units

When defending your fealty, it’s important to choose the right units based on their strengths and weaknesses. Each unit has different stats and abilities, so make sure to select a balanced mix that can effectively counter your opponent’s attacking units.

For example, if your opponent has a strong cavalry force, you may want to focus on units with high defense against cavalry. Similarly, if they have a strong archer force, prioritize units with high defense against ranged attacks. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each unit is key to a successful defense.

2. Upgrade Your Units

2. Upgrade Your Units

In order to enhance your Fealty Defense, it’s crucial to upgrade your units. Upgrading units improves their stats and abilities, making them more effective in combat. Make sure to invest resources in upgrading your units regularly to stay ahead of your enemies and strengthen your fealty’s defense.

Additionally, you can also unlock new units through research and advancements in the game. These new units may have better stats or unique abilities that can give you an edge in Fealty Defense battles.

3. Build Defensive Structures

3. Build Defensive Structures

Building defensive structures in your holdings can provide an additional layer of protection for your fealty. These structures, such as walls, towers, and fortresses, can help deter or slow down enemy attacks, giving your units more time to defend and counter-attack.

Make sure to strategically place defensive structures in key areas of your holdings to maximize their effectiveness. For example, placing towers near vulnerable entry points or walls along the perimeter can help prevent breaches and discourage enemy assaults.

4. Form Alliances

4. Form Alliances

Forming alliances with other players can greatly enhance your Fealty Defense strategy. Allies can provide reinforcements, support, and coordination during attacks, increasing your chances of successfully defending against enemy forces.

Collaborate with your allies to share intelligence, resources, and strategies. Coordinate defensive actions and plan joint attacks to create a united front against common enemies. Remember, strength lies in numbers, so building a strong alliance network is essential for Fealty Defense success.

5. Active Participation in Events

5. Active Participation in Events

Participating in events and competitions in Game of Thrones Ascent can provide valuable rewards and resources to strengthen your fealty’s defense. These events may include special battles, challenges, or quests that test your skills and strategic thinking.

Make sure to actively participate in these events, as they often offer unique opportunities to gain powerful units, rare items, and exclusive bonuses. Take advantage of these events to bolster your Fealty Defense and stay competitive in the game.

Remember, Fealty Defense requires careful planning, resource management, and coordination. By applying these tips and tricks, you can improve your chances of successfully defending your fealty and emerging victorious in Game of Thrones Ascent.

What is Fealty Def in Game of Thrones Ascent?

Fealty Def in Game of Thrones Ascent is a feature that allows players to defend their strongholds against attacks from other players. When you join a fealty, you can choose to defend your fealty’s stronghold to earn rewards and protect your assets.

How does Fealty Def work?

When you participate in Fealty Def in Game of Thrones Ascent, you will be assigned a target to attack and a target to defend. The attacking player will try to raid your stronghold, while you will try to defend it. The outcome of the battle is determined by the players’ stats, equipment, and strategy. You can use various tactics to strengthen your defenses, such as upgrading your buildings, training your troops, and forging powerful weapons.

What are some expert strategies for Fealty Def?

There are several expert strategies you can use in Fealty Def in Game of Thrones Ascent. One strategy is to focus on upgrading your defensive buildings, such as the walls and towers, to make it more difficult for attackers to breach your stronghold. Another strategy is to train a strong army to defend your stronghold, with a mix of infantry, cavalry, and archers. Additionally, forging powerful weapons and equipping your troops with the best gear can give you an edge in battle. Communication and coordination with your fealty members can also be crucial for successful defense.

How can I earn rewards in Fealty Def?

You can earn rewards in Fealty Def in Game of Thrones Ascent by successfully defending your stronghold against attacks. The rewards can include resources, experience points, and items that can be used to upgrade your buildings and troops. Additionally, participating in Fealty Def can also earn you fealty points, which can be used to unlock special rewards and benefits within your fealty.

Is Fealty Def only available in multiplayer mode?

Yes, Fealty Def in Game of Thrones Ascent is only available in multiplayer mode. It is a social feature that allows players to engage with their fealty members and compete against other players. The multiplayer aspect adds an extra layer of strategy and competition to the game, making it more exciting and challenging.

Can Fealty Def be played on mobile devices?

Yes, Fealty Def in Game of Thrones Ascent can be played on mobile devices. The game is available for iOS and Android devices, allowing players to participate in Fealty Def and other game features on the go. This makes it convenient for players to defend their strongholds and engage with their fealty members anytime, anywhere.

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