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Game of thrones khaleesi double

The world was captivated by the epic television series Game of Thrones, and one of the most beloved characters was Daenerys Targaryen, also known as Khaleesi. Her fierce, determined spirit and stunning beauty made her a fan favorite. If you’ve ever dreamed of channeling your inner Khaleesi, then look no further. We have the ultimate guide to help you find your perfect Game of Thrones Khaleesi double and get the look you love.

First, let’s talk about Khaleesi’s iconic hairstyles. From her intricate braids to her flowing, platinum locks, her hair was always on point. Whether you have long or short hair, there are ways to recreate her signature styles. If you have long hair, consider learning how to braid it in different styles, or try using hair extensions to add length and volume. If you have short hair, don’t worry – there are plenty of wigs and hairpieces available that can help you achieve the Khaleesi look.

In addition to her hair, Khaleesi’s makeup was always flawless. Her look was all about a natural, glowing complexion with subtle hints of color. To achieve this, start with a lightweight, dewy foundation and add a touch of bronzer to warm up your skin. For the eyes, use earthy tones like browns and golds, and finish off with a sweep of mascara and a nude lip color. Don’t forget to emphasize your eyebrows – Khaleesi’s were always perfectly groomed and defined.

Of course, no Khaleesi look would be complete without the right wardrobe. She was known for her flowing, ethereal dresses in soft colors like blues and whites. Look for dresses with draped fabric, delicate embroidery, or even a cape to recreate her regal style. Don’t be afraid to accessorize – Khaleesi often wore statement jewelry and headpieces to complete her look.

Embrace your inner Khaleesi and let your fierce, independent spirit shine through. With the right hair, makeup, and wardrobe, you can channel the power and beauty of Daenerys Targaryen and become your own Game of Thrones queen.

How to Find Your Perfect Game of Thrones Khaleesi Double?

If you’re a fan of the Game of Thrones series and love the character Khaleesi, then you may have dreamed about having your own Khaleesi double. Finding someone who resembles the Mother of Dragons can be an exciting and fun experience. Here’s how you can find your perfect Game of Thrones Khaleesi double:

  1. Search online: Start by searching online platforms such as social media, modeling websites, and casting agencies. Look for individuals who have a similar appearance to the character Khaleesi. You can use keywords such as “Khaleesi look-alike” or “Game of Thrones double” to narrow down your search.
  2. Attend conventions: Game of Thrones conventions and fan events often attract cosplayers who dress up as their favorite characters. Attend these events and keep an eye out for individuals who have put effort into replicating Khaleesi’s iconic look.
  3. Reach out to cosplayers: Cosplayers are individuals who enjoy dressing up as fictional characters and often pay attention to even the smallest details. Reach out to cosplayers on social media platforms or forums dedicated to cosplay and inquire if they would be interested in becoming your Khaleesi double.
  4. Join online communities: Join online communities and forums dedicated to Game of Thrones and cosplay. Introduce yourself and express your interest in finding a Khaleesi double. Others within the community may be able to offer suggestions or even volunteer themselves.
  5. Hire a look-alike agency: Look for talent agencies that specialize in providing look-alikes for various purposes, including TV shows and movies. Provide them with details about Khaleesi’s appearance and characteristics, and they may be able to find a suitable double for you.

Remember, finding a perfect Khaleesi double may require time and effort, so be patient and thorough in your search. Once you find your match, you can enjoy reenacting your favorite Game of Thrones scenes and feeling like the Mother of Dragons herself!

Get the Look You Love!

Once you’ve chosen your favorite Game of Thrones Khaleesi double, it’s time to get the look you love. Whether you want to emulate Daenerys Targaryen’s flowing silver-blonde locks or emulate Missandei’s elegant braids, we’ve got you covered.

1. Hair

1. Hair

For Daenerys’ iconic silver-blonde hair, you can either use a wig or dye your hair. If you choose to dye your hair, visit a professional hairdresser to get the perfect shade. Complete the look by loosely braiding a few sections of hair and adding some silver hair accessories.

For Missandei’s braids, start by parting your hair in the middle and French braiding each side. Secure the braids at the nape of your neck and wrap a small section of hair around the elastic to conceal it.

2. Makeup

2. Makeup

To achieve the Khaleesi look, start with a flawless complexion. Use a light foundation or BB cream, and add a touch of bronzer for a sun-kissed glow. Emphasize your eyebrows by filling them in with a brow pencil or powder for a defined look.

For the eyes, apply a neutral eyeshadow all over the lid and add a touch of gold on the inner corner for a pop of brightness. Line your upper lash line with black eyeliner and finish with a coat or two of mascara. To really make your eyes pop, consider adding a pair of false lashes.

Complete the look with a nude or light pink lipstick to keep the focus on your eyes and hair.

3. Costume

3. Costume

To fully embody your chosen Khaleesi, you’ll need the right costume. Opt for flowing dresses with intricate details or patterns, similar to what Daenerys wears. You can also add accessories like a dragon-inspired brooch or a chain belt to complete the look.

If you’re emulating Missandei, choose elegant and form-fitting outfits in rich colors like red or blue. Look for off-the-shoulder or asymmetrical styles to replicate her iconic costumes.

4. Attitude

4. Attitude

Finally, don’t forget to embrace the Khaleesi attitude. Channel the strength, grace, and determination of Daenerys and Missandei. Walk with confidence, speak with authority, and don’t be afraid to take charge.

Remember, the most important part of getting the look you love is to have fun and enjoy the process. Embrace your inner Khaleesi and rock your chosen character’s style with confidence!

Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Your Game of Thrones Khaleesi Double

1. Research Famous Lookalikes

Start by researching famous people who are known for resembling Emilia Clarke, the actress who plays Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones. Look for photos and videos to compare their features, such as facial structure, hair color, and eye color.

2. Join Lookalike Communities

Join online communities or forums dedicated to celebrity lookalikes. These platforms allow you to connect with other fans who may have found someone who closely resembles Khaleesi. You can exchange tips, photos, and experiences with other members.

3. Attend Fan Conventions

Visit fan conventions or events related to Game of Thrones. These gatherings attract fans from all over the world, including individuals who may bear a striking resemblance to Khaleesi. Take photos and ask for contact information if you come across a potential double.

4. Use Social Media

Utilize social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, to search for Khaleesi lookalikes. Use hashtags like #KhaleesiLookalike or #GameofThronesLookalike to narrow down your search. Contact individuals who catch your attention and see if they would be interested in becoming your Khaleesi double.

5. Hire a Talent Agency

5. Hire a Talent Agency

Consider hiring a talent agency that specializes in lookalikes and impersonators. These agencies have a database of professionals who closely resemble various celebrities, including Khaleesi. They can help you find the perfect double and provide guidance on hiring and contract arrangements.

6. Organize Casting Calls

If you have the resources, organize casting calls specifically for Khaleesi lookalikes. Advertise the casting call on social media, local newspapers, and industry websites. Make sure to mention any specific requirements, such as height, hair color, and costume availability.

7. Reach Out to Cosplayers

7. Reach Out to Cosplayers

Contact cosplayers who specialize in Game of Thrones characters, specifically Khaleesi. These individuals are often skilled at transforming themselves into the characters they portray and may be interested in becoming your Khaleesi double. Attend cosplay events to meet potential contacts.

8. Arrange Screen Tests

Once you’ve found a potential Khaleesi double, arrange screen tests to ensure they truly capture the essence of the character. Test their acting skills, mimicry abilities, and resemblance to Emilia Clarke. This will help you determine if they are the perfect fit for your Game of Thrones Khaleesi double.

9. Finalize the Contract

Once you’ve found the ideal Khaleesi double, finalize the contract details. Discuss payment terms, availability, and any specific requirements for your project. Ensure both parties are clear on their roles and expectations before moving forward.

10. Enjoy Your Perfect Game of Thrones Khaleesi Double

With your new Khaleesi double, you can now enjoy the experience of having a Game of Thrones-inspired lookalike. Whether it’s for personal events, promotional purposes, or simply for fun, your Khaleesi double will help you bring the magic of the show into your own life.

Discover the Perfect Match for Your Inner Khaleesi!

Are you a fan of Game of Thrones and secretly wish to channel your inner Khaleesi? Look no further! We have curated a list of incredible women who embody the spirit of Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons!

1. Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke is the actress who brought Khaleesi to life on the screen. With her stunning beauty and powerful portrayal, she captured the hearts of millions. If you want to emulate Emilia’s version of Khaleesi, focus on her signature platinum-blonde hair and fierce yet compassionate demeanor.

2. Queen Rhaenys Targaryen

2. Queen Rhaenys Targaryen

Queen Rhaenys Targaryen, also known as the Queen Who Never Was, is a character from the history of Westeros. She was known for her fearless riding of the dragon Meraxes and her striking resemblance to Daenerys. Mimic Queen Rhaenys’ style by choosing bold and regal outfits, and don’t forget to tame your own mythical beast!

3. Cosplay Community

If you love dressing up and attending conventions, the cosplay community offers an array of talented individuals who have perfected their Khaleesi look. Join online forums or local cosplay groups to connect with fellow fans and get tips on how to recreate Khaleesi’s iconic wardrobe and hairstyles.

4. Seek Professional Help

If you’re serious about transforming into Khaleesi, consider hiring a professional makeup artist or hairstylist. They have the skills and expertise to recreate Daenerys’ intricate braids and flawless makeup. Don’t forget to bring reference images to ensure they capture the essence of your favorite Khaleesi!

5. DIY Khaleesi

5. DIY Khaleesi

If you’re on a budget or prefer a hands-on approach, try your hand at creating your own Khaleesi look. Experiment with different hairstyles, braids, and makeup techniques. There are plenty of online tutorials that can guide you through the process and help you achieve a Khaleesi-worthy transformation.

6. Embrace your Inner Khaleesi

Remember, it’s not just about the look, but also about embodying the fierce spirit of Khaleesi. Embrace your inner warrior queen, stand up for what you believe in, and lead with compassion and strength. Be the Khaleesi you wish to see in the world!

Whether you choose to channel Emilia Clarke’s portrayal, the historical figure of Queen Rhaenys Targaryen, or venture into the cosplay community, embracing your inner Khaleesi is a powerful and empowering experience. Find the perfect match that resonates with you and let your inner dragon shine!

Find Your Game of Thrones Khaleesi Double in 3 Easy Steps

Find Your Game of Thrones Khaleesi Double in 3 Easy Steps

Are you a fan of Game of Thrones and have always dreamed of looking like Khaleesi, the Mother of Dragons? With our easy three-step process, you can find your perfect Khaleesi double and achieve the look you love. Follow these steps to unleash your inner Khaleesi:

  1. Choose Your Desired Look: First, decide which version of Khaleesi you want to emulate. Do you prefer her iconic white and silver Qarth gown or her warrior queen attire with leather and metal accents? Knowing the specific look you want will help you find the perfect double.
  2. Find a Professional: Once you have determined your desired look, it’s time to find a professional who can transform you into Khaleesi. Look for experienced costume designers or makeup artists who specialize in Game of Thrones-inspired looks. Check their portfolios and read reviews to ensure you choose someone who can deliver the desired result.
  3. Book a Consultation: Contact the professional you have chosen and book a consultation. During this meeting, discuss your vision and show them references of the Khaleesi look you want to achieve. They will be able to provide insights into the process, discuss pricing, and give you an estimate of how long it will take to complete the transformation.

Remember, becoming a Khaleesi double takes time and expertise, so be patient and trust in the process. With the right professional by your side, you’ll soon be turning heads and feeling like the true Mother of Dragons.

Can you give me some tips on how to find my perfect Game of Thrones Khaleesi double?

Of course! To find your perfect Game of Thrones Khaleesi double, you can start by looking for people who resemble the character in terms of physical appearance. Consider their hair color, length, and texture, as well as their facial features. Additionally, you can look for someone who shares similar fashion sense and styling preferences. It’s also important to find someone who embodies the strength and confidence of the Khaleesi character.

What are some key features to look for in a Game of Thrones Khaleesi double?

When looking for a Game of Thrones Khaleesi double, it’s important to consider certain key features. Firstly, pay attention to the person’s hair. Khaleesi is known for her beautiful, flowing blonde hair, so finding someone with a similar hair color and texture is essential. Secondly, look for someone with strong facial features, such as high cheekbones and a defined jawline, as these features can help capture the essence of the character. Lastly, find someone who exudes confidence and strength, as these are characteristics that define Khaleesi.

Where can I find someone who looks like Khaleesi?

There are several places where you can find someone who looks like Khaleesi. One option is to attend fan conventions or Game of Thrones events, where you can meet fellow fans who may resemble the character. Another option is to join online communities or forums dedicated to Game of Thrones, where you can connect with people who share your love for the show and may resemble Khaleesi. Additionally, you can reach out to local modeling agencies or talent agencies, as they may have individuals who fit the Khaleesi look.

How can I style my hair like Khaleesi?

To style your hair like Khaleesi, start by curling your hair with a large barrel curling iron to create loose, voluminous waves. Then, gather sections of your hair and loosely braid them, pulling out a few strands to create a more natural, undone look. Secure the braids with bobby pins or small hair elastics. You can also add hair accessories, such as a crown or dragon-inspired hairpins, to complete the Khaleesi look. Don’t forget to finish with hairspray to hold the style in place.

What kind of makeup should I wear to channel my inner Khaleesi?

To channel your inner Khaleesi, opt for a natural and glowy makeup look. Start with a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizer to even out your complexion. Then, apply a peachy blush to the apples of your cheeks for a hint of color. For the eyes, use earthy tones like browns and golds to create a soft, smoky eye look. Finish with a coat of mascara and a nude or peachy lip color. Remember, Khaleesi is known for her natural beauty, so keep the look radiant and effortless.

How can I find the perfect outfit to match my Game of Thrones Khaleesi double look?

Finding the perfect outfit to match your Game of Thrones Khaleesi double look can be exciting. Look for flowing dresses or gowns in colors like white, silver, or gold, as these colors are often associated with Khaleesi. Opt for fabrics like silk or chiffon to create a sense of ethereal elegance. Consider adding some intricate details, such as embroidery or lace, to replicate Khaleesi’s regal style. Accessorize with statement jewelry pieces, such as layered necklaces or bold cuffs, to complete the look.

How can I embody the strength and confidence of Khaleesi?

Embodying the strength and confidence of Khaleesi starts from within. Firstly, take time to cultivate a strong mindset by believing in yourself and your abilities. Remember that Khaleesi is a powerful and fearless leader, so adopt a similar mindset. Secondly, work on your physical strength through regular exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This will not only make you physically strong but also boost your confidence. Lastly, surround yourself with positive and supportive people who encourage you to be your best self.

What are some other ways I can emulate Khaleesi’s character?

A Khaleesi is a title given to the wife of a Khal, who is the leader of a Dothraki tribe in the Game of Thrones series. It is derived from the Dothraki word “khaleen,” which means queen.

How can I find my perfect Game of Thrones Khaleesi double?

Finding your perfect Game of Thrones Khaleesi double can be a fun and exciting process. Start by identifying which Khaleesi character you resonate with the most – Daenerys Targaryen, Missandei, or another one. Once you have chosen your Khaleesi, focus on the specific features and characteristics that make her unique. Take note of her hairstyle, makeup choices, and the types of clothing she wears. Additionally, consider her personality traits, such as confidence, strength, and determination. You can then use this information to search for lookalikes or emulate her style in your own way. There are online communities and forums where you can connect with other Game of Thrones fans who are also interested in finding their perfect Khaleesi double. Remember to have fun with the process and make it your own!

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